A third lily pond painting

Pond pencil up

First layers down

I have enjoyed these pond paintings much more than I thought I would.  It is the first time I have been even remotely satisfied with what I have done with acrylics since college (low those MANY years ago).

Since I felt that the relatively bigger size of the lily pads in the previous painting was harder for me to deal with, I decided to go bigger in the canvas (14″x11″) and smaller again for the pads.  This is actually a rather large size painting for me, so that added its own bit of stress.

I put down most of the water before I moved on to the lily pads.  It seemed easier to place most of the background down first and then add the vegetation on top of it.  Then I could also shade under the pads and adjust the water to add depth and interest.  I was pretty pleased at this point, much more so than with pond painting 2.  Smaller pads were definitely the way to go for me.  Who knows where this will lead in my acrylic adventure.  It’s been fun so far.


Pawpaw Painting



I was inspired by finding of all of those pawpaws last week so I decide to try and paint a grouping of them.  I had a nice photo of a triad and used it.  The pawpaws turn a yellowy green with black/brown spots when ripe and the leaves start to turn yellow.  I think I overdid the shadows on the lowest pawpaw. When in multiples, they seem to grow out on a single plane, rather than hang down and I don’t know if I made that clear enough.  However, I am pleased overall and I think I’ll list it in my etsy shop.  If I had more confidence in my lettering skills, I would label it as a botanical print.

We went out last evening to walk the path to check out some of the ones I found and ended up picking eight.  We could probably have picked more, but we ran out of hands.  LOL   Plus it was getting too dark to really see them easily.  It’s kind of like picking mushrooms.  Finding the first one sometimes seems to take a while, but after that, it’s a lot easier.  We picked the mother lode group and sure enough, the biggest one was 5.5″.  The rest were all 4+”, so it was quite a haul.  There are plenty left.

I hope to  finalize a pet portrait and home portrait commission this week so the rest of September and early October should be busy.