Creating artwork destined for the circular file – the good, the bad , and the ugly


The good

You know we all do it – create some piece of art that just does’t work. But what to do with it?  Do we keep stacks of bad along with the good in the hope that it can be salvaged at a later date or make the decision that not everything we create is worthy of studio space?  Some time ago, I came to the decision that it was okay to pitch

something that I didn’t like.  Perhaps two household moves have helped with the decision and the inability to have much out when we lived in the interim condo.  Anyway, I have decided that if I don’t like something after creating it and then several weeks of letting it sit out of the way hasn’t improved my opinion, that it is okay to get rid of it.  Sometimes, too, the exact opposite occurs and something that I really liked originally starts to bother me and I see all the flaws start to pop out and I have to touch it up a little.  Then, the danger is overworking.

Where is this all leading to?  Well, last week I decided to play around at the art table.   I wanted to do something a little different and thought that creating a line of bookmarks and gift tags for my etsy store would be just the ticket.  I took some heavy watercolor paper and experimented with watercolor washes and pen and ink.  For a few I did the water color first and for the others I sketched out some pen and ink first.  And after several hours in the studio, this is what I got – not much worth anything.  I guess you could look at it not as time wasted, but as exercize for the creative muscles.  It still felt mostly like a bad studio session.  One bookmark that I

  like, several that were okay and half destined for the circular file.

The fair


The ugly


Also, here is the link to my latest etsy listing – because I did like the way it turned out.