Berries, Red, Not Black

I took a few of my red raspberries from the refrigerator to make a companion piece to the blackberry watercolor.  But while the blackberries are home grown, sadly, the red raspberries are not.  At one time I had some very prolific thornless bushes but unfortunately I have never been able to replace them.  It would seem that they should fall under my live or die rule, but I keep on trying because they are one of my favorites.

Red Raspberries

I cut another piece of board the same size as the last and drew up the berries.  Again, I laid on the yellow first and then progressed onto the reds.  I used an orangy red called fire engine first and then went to alizarin crimson which appears a bit cooler to me.  After several layers of each, making sure that I let the paint completely dry, I put on some purple.

I think the raspberries turned out okay, but in putting the pair together, I wish I had put the double leaves on the other side, so that compositionally they were a little different.  Oh well, I think the heat and humidity have finally gotten to my brain.  When I went outside to take the picture, my camera fogged over and it was only 10 am.  Highs close to 100 again.