Polar bear finished

Polar bear

Polar bear

Here is the third and final post for Mr. Polar Bear.  I think he is pretty much finished now.  I worked mostly on the base area where he is walking and softened the sky on the upper right.  He didn’t seem grounded quite enough  and I just didn’t like the sky area.  I toned down some of the colors across the whole painting, but especially on his body shadows.  When I put the gloss sealer on in a week or two, it should brighten it up a bit and deepen the colors some, but not too much.  I thought it was just fine on the calf the first time I used it, so I expect it to be okay.  Any more changes and I think I might be just fiddling around with not much to show for it.

It has been cooler the last few days around here – back down into the 30’s and 40’s, but this week brings back the 50’s and 60’s.  My daffodils are still blooming and I have brought a nice bunch inside.  The scent of the doubles is just wonderful.  Yippee for spring!






Animal fun

I wanted a small project to work on last week because I was having super bowl company for the weekend, so  I pulled out a few animal reference photos and selected these two. 

Polar bear

When I started the polar bear I forgot to put on the frisket so he is a little texturally different than the others.  It turned out okay but doing this made me realize that I like the effect that the frisket gives.  I did apply it before I put on the watercolor, but it does seem to make a difference to use it with the prior penwork.  I went back and added some more ink to improve the black/white balance around the bear.



I don’t particularily like the heads on either one of these, but the squirrel’s head seems a little bit more off to me.  When I look at it, it seems too small.  Afterwards,  I went and added in some more background and fur ink to the squirrel too.