Urco finished

All done

All done

I finally finished Urco and decided that I would add the names at the bottom.  Not only does it identify each horse, but it also cuts into that expanse of pine board that I’m iffy about.  I hope she will hang him with her USDF bronze medal and certificate.

I went to Michaels and spent half an hour picking out just the right colors for the double mat.  I figured I could buy a sheet each of the archival mat boards and cut the mats at home.  I have bought board from them before, but this time, because it wasn’t standard stock, they would not order it for me unless they did the framing.  I didn’t want to spend that much since I can do it myself, so I went on line and tried to get the closest thing I could.  Not my first choice, of course. Colors are iffy on-line so I am keeping my fingers crossed that the outer, neutral mat color will work.  Monday I’ll know.

Maybe I’ll post them both framed up next week.  Would you like to see that?

Only half way

Urco - second session

Urco – second session

As I was looking at Urco in person last Thursday at my riding lesson, I said to myself, yes, the picture needs to be darker, especially in the mane area.  I managed to work some on Urco’s portrait earlier in the week, but it still needs more. I want the black to be more definite and not just look like shadowing on a chestnut horse.  He really is quite dark about the head, just not all black like Felix.  It is a little bit delicate at this point, balancing the bronzy tones with the black.

I have been debating putting their names in the lower right and I think I will.  I’m not really loving the lower board area and I think it will help put the focus back onto the face as well as break up that expanse nicely.  What do you think?

Starting Urco’s color

Watercolor prelim

Watercolor preliminary

I started to lay in the the base watercolors last week and so far it seems okay.  I have to take care that the black part of Urco’s dark bay coloring doesn’t overwhelm his lovely bronze base color.  Just as in Felix’s portrait, the darks will be the problem.  Fortunately, Urco also has a very small slit shaped star on his forehead which should relieve some of the black expanse.

I think that this is about a third of the way in.  The colors all need to be deepened quite a bit, but I like his expression.  He has a very kind eye and delicate nose.

Urco, Felix’s friend

Urco pencil

Urco pencil

Next up is Urco, a Spanish breed horse, specifically a Lusitano.  Notice how much finer and sculpted his head seems compared with Felix’s warmblood blockiness. He is a much more delicately made horse, bred for bullfighting, where the ability to be light on his feet and move very quickly side to side is a decided advantage.  Felix’s ancestors had to be able pull heavy loads or carry knights with their burden of armor.  Different physiques for different purposes.  There is also about a hand difference in their heights, too.  It’s a much longer way down getting off of Felix than Urco, but surprisingly, they actually can use the same saddle.  anyway, it is a privilege to ride them both.


Preliminary pen work

Preliminary pen work

The inking on Urco will not be too detailed at this point.  I may go back after the color is in and add a bit more line work, but this is it for now.  Less is often more at this stage.