The secret lives of grills?

Winter grillin"

Winter grillin”

It must be very boring to spend most of the winter backed up against the garage.  No view of the riotous antics of the local wildlife, no sight of the pond frozen over, hemmed in by snow drifts on the deck.

We had very gusty winds last weekend and it appears that Mr. Grill wanted a better view of the lake.  You can see the little dark spot on the deck next to the garage wall where he should have been, but he managed to convince Mr. Wind to help him get out and about.  I think he has been secretly talking to the crane weather vane that is supposed to be atop the gazebo, but also managed to get Mr. Wind to help him fly off into the yard for a bit of extra fun last summer.  Good thing he didn’t head off towards the back of the garage though – I don’t think Mr. Wind would have helped him down the step at all and someone could have gotten hurt!.

After all of the winter weather, I am totally ready for spring.