New house commission two

This is an anniversary gift. The layout and inking took about twice the normal amount of time. All of the angles for the various house segments and background vegetation seemed to take forever to draw out, but I am pleased with the results. Then I had to make delineations for all of the landscaping – foreground, mid-ground, and the rear. Then, there was all of the vertical siding. By the time I was finished, my eyes were crossed. I think it did turn out well, though. I am particularly happy with the way the trees turned out.

New Home Portrait Commission at Last

Two story home

I started work on a new home portrait commission over the weekend.  It is so nice to be able to do something new – and 14×9 too boot!  Lots of detail in this one.  Stone first story and board and batted upper, along with a cream picket fence all across the front.  No flowers, but nicely colored trees and shrubs, along with flags for the fourth.

Boise home commission

Little house in the foothills

Inked in

Shortly after I received the OPO commission, a second Christmas house commission popped up.   Unbeknownst to this client at the time, I have a personal connection to Boise, Idaho, where this home was just built. As some of you may know, my son and his family moved out there last year for a new job and we have visited them several times already.  It was fun to draw this home located in the foothills of Boise which I have hiked in ever so briefly while I was there.

Since it was a new build, the client was able to get me the paint chip number for the siding paint.  It was much easier to get the color on the exterior right with that reference as the colors in a photograph are not always true.  Watercolor next.

All colored in

OPO final

I finished this commission last week and I must admit it was one of the more difficult ones.  It was on the smaller side at 10×8, but there was a lot of detail packed in there. Between the stone accents, the offsets, the brick, and the grand staircase/entryway, the facade was quite complicated.

And then there was the truck.  Having never drawn a vehicle before, I approached it with trepidation.  Plus it was such a prominent feature that held some importance to the client and the building owner as the gift recipient, I almost felt more pressure getting the truck right than the building itself!  LOL  As such a bright color, it could easily have overpowered the large building behind.

Still, I am happy at how it turned out – as is the client, which is the most important thing.

Final of 2

All done

The watercolor of number two was sky blue and white.  I ended up adding some flowers in the front for a little pop of color.  This was a well timed gift.  The parents closed on selling their longtime home on December 23 and their adult children were able to give this to them on Christmas day.  I am so glad it worked out that way.  USPS really came through for me this holiday season.

Next one up

A simple ranch

A simple ranch

I opted to take the simplest one of the remaining three to do next. My eyes and brain need the rest. LOL  It would appear that this was a wedding at someone’s residence.  The house has white siding, asphalt shingles and a massive stone fireplace.  It’s not quite as exotic as the last one, but it is lovely in its own way.  I will enjoy all of that lush landscaping, too.

I’m back from vacation and back to work

New commission

New commission

What happens when you try to go on a little vacation in the dead of winter after the Christmas holidays?  That’s when someone decides that she needs a commission piece done for a February birthday gift. Right in the middle an out of town trip to visit family, I got a request for an 8×10 architectural watercolor and a few days before I returned the etsy listing was purchased.  So there I am, happy to have a job to come back to, when the woman who has had me draw wedding venues as gifts the last couple of years contacts me about doing four 8×10 pen and inks for her.  So I am back in the studio and booked for February.  Yippee.

This first one has quite lovely landscaping, with irises and peonies flanking the pebbled concrete stairs.  The facade is various sized rough stone work with an archway over the front door.  I think it’s going to be quite lovely when it’s done.

It’s been a while

Jasper street

Jasper street

I know it’s been a while, but I think I’m finally back on track with my artwork and blog posting for now.  August and September were filled with family moves and the birth of our first grandchild but now, with the start of October, I’m edging back into the studio and starting to look for the Christmas commissions to begin.

In the meantime, I selected another streetscape from Jasper, Indiana.  This one is not as colorful as the previous ones on the town square.  It is mostly muted blue-gray for the Elements store and plain red bricks on the left, but I liked the eclectic array of wares on the sidewalk and in the windows, along with the spool table and chairs for potential customers.  The upper brickwork around the windows is textured and there is a lot of vertical detail in the rest of the facade siding, so there will be quite a bit of inking involved.

Stay tuned.  The next post will be either the start of inking on this or the pencil up of a new commission.  I promise to be better in October.


Just a quick note for today

Just a quick note for today. I have been working in the studio the last few days. I’m very proud of myself as I have completed two animal drawings and am working on a third already. No photos yet, but soon, so I can take them all at once. I decided to work them with the nib pen and am fairly happy at how they are turning out. It has probably been close to 20 years since I used the nib pen, but I really like the effect with the animal work. The texture is very different from the technical pen, but seems quite appropriate so far. I may even get inspired to try a small architectural drawing with it. Perhaps that is the project to plan on for card stock. I can see using it on a small drawing, but it would probably drive me crazy to have to keep refilling the nib on the larger streetscape drawings.  We’ll see.