Well the weather outside is frightful….But at least we have power

There is nothing at all delightful about this latest winter storm. We didn’t get the worst of it, but it is bad enough for me. We aren’t even sure if the four wheel truck can get us out. We got mostly freezing rain, then sleet, then a little snow. It could be worse – the power could have gone off but the freezing rain was only about .10″. The sleet fortunately didn’t collect on the trees so even when the huge wind gusts came, the trees and power lines weren’t badly affected. I don’t know when it is going to clear off. Not too long I hope.

My doctor’s appointment was cancelled yesterday due to the weather and rescheduled for next week so my recovery is delayed again. I haven’t spent much time in the studio even though I am stuck at home. It’s kind of difficult to sit in my raised studio chair for any length of time and I really need to work for several hours consecutively. I am on the pastel/pencil/watercolor overlay phase now and I have to be able to concentrate on what I am doing to get the color right.  I am so ready for spring. I think that this is the hardest winter we have had in many years. It’s been stormy winter weather every week or so since the beginning of December.

I saw eight of the does and yearlings across the lake today so I thought I’d share something fun. I have always wanted to find a deer antler out in the woods around our home. Our previous house sat in about 50 acres and we often saw bucks and does. Every year I would be out in the woods to look and see if I could find some shed antlers. It is a narrow window to locate them because the rodents chew them up quickly. I know it is like looking for a needle in a haystack and I was never lucky enough to find one.  I  have always been envious of a friend who found a large rack where he put out food for the deer.  Well, last year my husband and I were out looking for morel mushrooms at our new place in the late spring.  We looked and looked and found nary a one.  However, just when we were starting to head back to the house, I saw this thing poking up amid the leaves left over from the fall.  I thought “it couldn’t be this late in the year be but it sure looks like….”  And you know what – it was.  I had found  the end point of a two point antler.  It had only been chewed a little on the end point and at the base.  I brought it home, washed it off with disinfectant and put it on the window ledge in the guest bedroom.  Here it is on a chair for scale. 

With any luck I will be able to get back to my artwork in the next week so please have a little patience.  I have a little bit of a hard time being more creative and dealing with my UT difficulties.  At least I hope you find the wildlife stories interesting too.

The deer antler I found