Number 2 finally finished

Pastels finished

After several days of pastel and a bit of colored pencil, this one is finally finished .  Adding the white flowers is always a bit tricky as the fixative usually tends to fade it out, so the last thing is a bit of colored pencil over the top.  I played extensively with the greens of the foliage and the red and yellow flower colors.  Once again I am looking for a balance that was complicated by the barn in the background.  I didn’t want too much attention to be drawn away from the house, but the client was pretty firm that the barn was special too.  It turned out pretty well, I think.

Finishing the colors of the commission

All colored

All colored in

I spent about 4 sessions working on the watercolors for this home portrait. I laid out the foliage greens first, then started on the brick and stone because I knew all of those would require the most repeated paint application.  The daffodils’ yellow also took a lot of effort.   It kept fading as it dried so I kept putting more on.  It was a big request of the client to have them included, so they had to be very visible.  The beige siding came in about half way through, due to its paleness.  Not much color there, so not so many layers

Last of all I put in the shadows to add depth.  A lot of work for a little picture, but I think it turned out well.

A New Commission

A new commission

A new commission

I started a home portrait commission for a combination birthday/anniversary gift last weekend and here is the pencil up. The buyer’s parents are selling her childhood home and she wants to provide them with a memorable gift of their beloved house.  The large tree in front has a wonderful little ceramic man’s nose, mouth, and eyes attached to it and I am to add some spring daffodils off to the right.  I have started the inking, but am waiting until she gets back to me with some specifics before I can finish.  It is a surprise gift and the photos are limited because she live too far away to get more.