Trixie the corgi



After a lot of tweaking, the corgi portrait is finished and in the client’s hands.  I think I must have fiddled with this for days longer than I normally would, continuing to adjust the ears and neckline along the way.  It took me quite a while before I felt that the “corginess” was apparent.  The eyes are no longer buggy and the nose sits properly on the face.  I was making adjustments even into the day it was mailed when I scrubbed out a bit of fur color right above the eyes.

But whew.  The client is giving this to her husband and we had to have rather clandestine communications along the way.  She was worried he would find out before hand and spoil her surprise.  I assured her that the mailing box would have no indication of what was inside, just her name as the recipient and mine as the sender.  I am happy to say it got there safely and secretly.  She told me that she cried when she saw it.  It makes me so happy to know that this fulfilled her desires for her very special gift.

An arctic fox

Little arctic fox

Little arctic fox

I felt like doing some sort of animal work this week so I looked through my photos and found this one.  I took it years and years ago, but I still like his restful pose.  He fits right in  with this chilly winter weather. That pose sure would keep him warm.

I penciled him up and then used the ink pen to sketch him in.  I had some suitable colors on the watercolor pallet from the last painting, so I went ahead and used them.   I used a burnt umber with some added brown, lamp black and a maroonish highlights, especially to the rocks.