Good to go – almost

My baby sized splint

Oh happy day, as the song goes. As scheduled, I went and saw the hand specialist today and the news was all good. While I was told the original cast was overkill (rightly due, I think, because I was from out-of-town and would have to travel home to be treated) the manipulations done to get my wedding ring off and taking the x-rays actually managed to rotate the bones back into alignment.  The doctor felt that what was appropriate at this point was a much smaller hand-made, removeable splint.  No surgery as the broken portions were well aligned!  I will have it 4-6 weeks, but it will be so much easier to deal with than what I had.  I should be be able to wear my own clothes and not have to worry about getting a hard cast wet.  I certainly will be able to get back into the studio and finish my latest drawing for which I am eternally grateful.  Still, I have to be careful.  The main thing is not to lift with that hand at this point.  The physical therapist who made the splint said not to be afraid to move the fingers and wrist.

As you can see, my fingers are swollen and somewhat discolored but all in all not too horribly so.  My palm and the back of my hand are a nice mixture of greens and yellows but the doctor actually thought it didn’t look too bad.  The swelling has already been reduced although my fingers and hand have been twitching just a little in the sudden freedom.  It feels quite odd and  a little achy but I am overjoyed that it has turned out so well.  I just have to not to bang it, which, for me, as you now well know may not be as easy as it seems.

The kids’ stained glass

I thought it would be of interest to post the stained glass the kids worked on last week when they took over my studio. My son worked out the design and bought the glass. They both cut and ground the pieces and layed them out. Jessica will do most of the foiling and Justin will return maybe in February so they can solder and put it all together. I can hardly wait.

Stained glass for over the entryway

The big buck in the yard

We saw a very large, antlered buck just outside the studio windows last night. He couldn’t have been more than ten feet away, almost standing on the patio’s edge. It’s one of the reasons to live where we do. It was too dark for pictures so you’ll just have to believe me.   And the Christmas cactus in the bathroom seems to think that the holidays have arrived.

Back in the studio

I’m back in the studio today. This week I had 3 50% off coupons at Michael’s and used them all to buy more pen sets. I want to have lots of spares so I don’t get caught without again.

I’m posting another piece of artwork this week. I wanted to try a different style for a change and used a 2 color watercolor wash as a base. I then used the pen and ink to sketch in a building, I kind of like the looseness of the painting. I think it also helps to not get so caught up in detail all of the time. I may try this every month or so just for a change. Besides I like it.

Gizmo’s portrait

I went down yesterday to work on Gizmo’s portrait and wouldn’t you know it, my pen was clogged.  I couldn’t get it clear so I ended up lining out the next few projects and then going and buying another pen.  Back to work today.

Gizmo’s picture

Jessica wants me to do a picture of Gizmo (the upsidedown cat) for her. I did one of Perkins, the cat we had when she was growing up, in pen and ink and she wants to hang them together in her condo. It will just be in pen and ink for a change of pace. Then I will get back to the architectural stuff.

Getting started

Well it has been a few days since I set this up and I am going to try to get on a schedule to write and post. It has been busy in the office and I am trying to get back into the studio when the blueprint work is finished.. The fall colors out of the studio windows are not very vivid this fall. We have had so little rain, they went mostly to brown. The lake is down several feet, too. Maybe some rain in the next few days. I am going to try and detail some of my artwork in the next week, and talk about my style and materials.

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