Mr. Turtle visits

I was down in my studio on Saturday. I happened to glance out my patio doors and whom did I see but Mr. Turtle walking across the concrete. He surprised me by stretching out his neck and appearing to try and drink some of the pooled water from a brief downpour. It was interesting to see. I have never thought about how a turtle might drink. Have you?

A drinking turtle

Boise Portrait

Downtown Boise

I think this might be about done. It is so hard to tell with a more abstract painting. I keep wanting to adding more ink and detail, but the request was for a more abstract view. It is time to step away. LOL

Pastel Finish

All done with this one. I am glad that the trees were purplish to add some color. There wasn’t much in the way of flowers or contrast on the home exterior to break up all of the gray and white, so having the extra tree color was a great thing. I ended up using some brown to tone down the pinks and purples and that seemed to work out well.