Colorado landscape 2

Acrylic block in

Pencil up

I was pleased with how the Colorado 1 landscape progressed, so I thought I’d continue with another, still trying to use Ian Robert’s methodology. However, I wanted to have a better initial plan for the river flow this time around. I liked the lay of the land in the photo for this one. Nice foliage, nice bit of red mountain rock, and nice flow to the stream. The block in looks good to me, but let’s see how much I like it at the end. LOL

Colorado 1 finished

I think it’s done

I thought this was finished several times, but I kept on reworking it, especially in the lower left. I still may change it a bit, but it is substantially done.

Colorado landscape

Day two
Day one

I took some photos out of the truck window on our western trip in August. As you can see, there is some beautiful countryside in Colorado, especially along the stream sides. I have been working hard on blocking out shapes first and then adding in shadows and details. It is so hard for me not to get bogged down with the details. I like the color combinations and the feel of depth. Perhaps this is my best for a landscape.