Is it done?
Preliminary colors

I have been watching the youtube channel of Ian Roberts and been inspired to try a more complex, yet simplified landscape using shapes and colors more than details. This is what I have come up with for a first attempt. My photos from a vacation trip were taken on a cloudy day, so there wasn’t a lot of contrast to work from and I am kind of winging it.

I worked over about four days on it and am letting it sit a bit for now. I am happy with it overall, except for that larger shrub on the left. The crevice in the rocks below looks more like a tree trunk than a crack and misleads the eye. I haven’t quite figured out what to do about it yet. Time will tell.


I saved it!
Uh-oh. Oversprayed!
The drawing

I wanted to try something Speedball Elegant Writer pen with a floral motif instead of the lilypads. I kind of like the way it turned out, although it was questionable at the spray stage. I really need to figure out the spraying step. I think that sometimes it doesn’t spread as much as I want right away and so I go back in again and add more water. Then it ends up spreading more than I want as it dries. One of these times it may be good.

I think that the black matting helps unify the whole thing and I may sell these matted as the edges are as not obvious as I would like.

A new landscape


I thought I’d take another stab at a landscape, but it is meh at best, no matter what I do. I worked over a week on it in short sessions and am about ready to quit on it. I think I will let it sit a month and re-evaluate. I’m still having a hard time with getting depth in acrylics.

Matted and colored for number 3


Third time success. Overall, I think I like this series of paintings. It took me a bit to remember what I was doing (LOL), but I did manage to contol the water induced bleed. I like the jewel/stained glass quality of the watercolors and the black mat helps unify it all.