All of the color is on

I finished this recently and it has been delivered. The yellow siding was a bit intense with the red brick and green shutters, but it worked out okay. Not as much with the landscaping in this one, especially for flowers. I like having lots of flowers because it is usually a nice pop of color across the portrait, but what can you do. I don’t think this is actually the last phase of the picture, but it is the last photo I took. I’ve been busy and I think I had a brain cramp.

New commission

I just got some new commission work. Back to a pen and ink with pastel architectural! Hooray! I forgot to take the pencil up photo so here we go directly into the finished pen. Lots of nice landscaping in an established neighborhood.

Done for now

I worked long and hard on this one, but it seemed that most of the effort was at the end after the painting was basically finished. I had put the orangy tones in the water last of all, but they seemed to be too strong and competed with the lily pads. I used multiple greenish glazes to tone down the water and pop the lily pads more. I am letting it sit while I am working on the commissions I got a couple of weeks ago. Got to get that Christmas gift money in the purse to spend. LOL

Finished for now

More lily pads

Base coat and pencil up

Acrylic layer one

More lily pads. I am currently working on three house portrait commissions but I wanted to show what I had been working on before I started on the new ink and pastel work. The pond works may be a bit boring for some by now, but I am totally enjoying painting them and trying to be creative so that none of them are very alike.  I feel pretty successful in that endeavor. Also my technique is improving, don’t you think. LOL

Also, I have items with my images on the Society6 website and the pond paintings have been popular along with the Boise paintings. Another big plus. Check out the link in my blog roll if you are curious about my art on various household and personal items. I am pretty pleased with the variety.