I can’t decide

Is it done?

I can’t decide if this is done or not. Sometimes I like the reflection area above the lily pads and sometimes I don’t.  I think I need to lighten it, maybe with a glaze, maybe with some repainting.  So much fussing with these three pond paintings.  

I have started working on two new house commissions so these acrylics will be on the back burner for a bit.  Maybe I will get a little perspective.

10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. MaryGwyn'sArt
    Sep 30, 2020 @ 12:12:42

    Nice! Just like it is looks great to me but isn’t that the fun of painting. You can keep going and see where it goes. Or not!


    • ruthsartwork
      Sep 30, 2020 @ 12:29:33

      Thanks, Mary. Overall, I do like it. It is just the reddish reflections on the top that bother me. The darks underneath seem to be too dark. Maybe a glaze will mute it a bit.


  2. MaryGwyn'sArt
    Sep 30, 2020 @ 13:18:49

    I would love to see what you do with it though I still like it as is!


  3. Des
    Oct 01, 2020 @ 08:29:46

    I like it! It’s a very serene image and I’m not sure if you should keep messing with it or not. Either way, it’s always fun to see the progress as the painting comes along.


  4. denisebushphoto
    Oct 14, 2020 @ 16:00:25

    It looks done to me … I love it!


    • ruthsartwork
      Oct 15, 2020 @ 12:07:10

      Thanks, Denise. I am letting it sit for a bit while I work on some commissions. The dark spots still look too dark to me. Maybe just a touch of lightenig there.


  5. Charlotte Krashinsky Ckay789
    Dec 20, 2020 @ 12:49:34

    I think it’s beautiful


    • ruthsartwork
      Dec 20, 2020 @ 16:44:08

      Thanks. I actually have played with a bit more and took out some of the darker spots in the middle of the red reflections. I think it’s really done now. LOL


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