Simple lushness

simple can be hard too

Simple lushness

The inking took a while, but it is finished now.  What I thought to be separate houses above and to the left, turned out to be part of this front.  There must have been some massive sprawling additions going on with this ranch style home.  Plus the other part was roofed in metal, so I am glad I asked before I deleted. I would never have thought the asphalt roof was connected to the metal roof.

It sure was nice to have such lush landscaping to work with. It certainly softened the board siding and the brick fireplace.  All in all, it was fun to do.

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lindahalcombfineart
    Mar 04, 2017 @ 08:21:36

    This is a wonderfully complex drawing. The perspective alone would be a challenge for me. So well done…


  2. foresterartist
    Apr 03, 2017 @ 18:54:39

    Beautiful! Do you find it hard to skip the color?


    • ruthsartwork
      Apr 03, 2017 @ 20:45:44

      Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I think that first one would have been easier with color because of the zigzag pattern.


      • foresterartist
        Apr 03, 2017 @ 22:17:47

        I really find that adding color has a big affect on my inking. I struggle more with the color being intense enough when there’s ink.


        • ruthsartwork
          Apr 04, 2017 @ 10:31:15

          I find that the watercolors are more delicate and the pastels richer. I tend to struggle more with the shading in the ink only. The positive/negative balance is important, but also to not let it get too dark. And if the ink is not balanced, it seems like the colors are harder too.

        • foresterartist
          Apr 04, 2017 @ 12:23:10

          I’ve never done pastels, but I want to back off on the ink when I go over it with watercolors. However, I think the heavy inking works better in that scenario. When I lighten the ink in anticipation of the color I need bolder color. For some reason I tend to hold back on it. I guess I need more practice. 🙄

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