First of four pen and ink wedding gifts



This is a complicated one.  The pencil up took two long sessions and a lot of detail is still left out. I had to quit working each time because my eyes were crossed and my brain fried.  There are so many details here, it is mind boggling.  I can’t even imagine structure like this being built today.  Still, I will enjoy the challenge of making this special memory for the recipient.

After I do the palm trees and grass, I think I will work a building section at a time. Usually after the plantings, I move in to work on all of the windows, but this is so detailed that I will try to mostly complete a smaller area except for the facade surface detail.  Even though there will be no color, I bet it takes just as long.

We saw something very interesting yesterday afternoon when  we were almost home after buying some supplies to fix a leaky water line from Lowe’s.  Up ahead of us on the side of the road, I saw a large black and white bird.  My first thought was that it might be a pileated woodpecker.  However, as we got closer, we both saw it was an adult bald eagle!!!  We couldn’t see what it was trying to feed on at the edge of the road, but as we approached, it rose slowly into the air and flew off into the trees on the other side and out of view.  Almost made the leaky water line worth it.

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