Inking the Virginia house

Inked in

Inked in

Before I started the inking this one, I decided to adjust the placement of the house on the board. I lowered the skyline and added some of the gravel road to the bottom. I always try to leave extra space on the board when I place my initial drawing rectangle. Sometimes I have to move the building placement around after I start the drawing and it’s easier to adjust the borders if I have extra room that I can trim later.

This is turning out to be a cute ranch with attractive brick details, including the single row quoins and the soldier courses.  I like the circle top windows and the 9 panel grids.  They make the large expanse of windows a little more inviting.  I didn’t see that the doorway itself is slightly recessed from the covered porch area until I started the inking, but it is.  I’m ready for watercolors.

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