Inked up commission

Preliminary inking

Preliminary inking

Here is the home portrait, mostly inked up. I have to add some daffodils at the bottom and the 6 panel door.  The flowers used to be in a fenced bed.  That landscaping feature is now gone, but the daffodils continue to come up in the spring right in the lawn.  I know the seasons are a little mixed here – daffodils usually come up before the trees are fully leafed out – but the buyer and her family hold them as a special memory, along with the tree face, and wanted to include them.  Easily done.

As you can see, the house is a mid century modern tri-level.  It has an interesting mix of orangish field stone, red brick and siding.  I may increase the size of the tree off to the upper left.  It looks a little unbalanced in the overall scheme of things but I’ll decide as I start the watercolors.

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