Polar bear finished

Polar bear

Polar bear

Here is the third and final post for Mr. Polar Bear.  I think he is pretty much finished now.  I worked mostly on the base area where he is walking and softened the sky on the upper right.  He didn’t seem grounded quite enough  and I just didn’t like the sky area.  I toned down some of the colors across the whole painting, but especially on his body shadows.  When I put the gloss sealer on in a week or two, it should brighten it up a bit and deepen the colors some, but not too much.  I thought it was just fine on the calf the first time I used it, so I expect it to be okay.  Any more changes and I think I might be just fiddling around with not much to show for it.

It has been cooler the last few days around here – back down into the 30’s and 40’s, but this week brings back the 50’s and 60’s.  My daffodils are still blooming and I have brought a nice bunch inside.  The scent of the doubles is just wonderful.  Yippee for spring!






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  1. Cindy Dauer
    Mar 20, 2016 @ 11:29:31

    The polar bear looks terrific! I liked the last version with the blue, but the green hues are deeper and more vibrant. Very cool!


    • ruthsartwork
      Mar 20, 2016 @ 13:03:18

      Thanks, Cindy. It is still quite blue, not green. Light was not good yesterday when I took the photo and I will probably retake it for my etsy listing. I played with it in photoshop, but still couldn’t get it quite right. I have a very old pc and some newer ones. The screens show rather different and I can’t always tell what shows up on anyone else’s computer. LOL


  2. Sand Salt Moon
    Mar 20, 2016 @ 12:53:20

    So nice, Ruth!


  3. lesliepaints
    Mar 27, 2016 @ 22:02:11

    Your bear painting is gorgeous, Ruth. I love the softened bear image in the clouds in the upper right quadrant. Makes this piece quite spiritual. Nice touch!


    • ruthsartwork
      Mar 28, 2016 @ 07:42:41

      Thanks, Leslie. I am going to out the varnish on this week. I have been using a slow drying agent in the paint so I wait a few extra days to do that. The whole picture is bluer than this photo turned our so i have to retake it before I list it for sale.

      Our peppers have been quiet lately, but I have been bringing in some daffodils for the kitchen counter. The double have a lovely smell.


  4. Ranae
    Jun 04, 2016 @ 07:27:27

    My boyfriend has been talking about us taking a cruise to Alaska, so this pic really touched me. I am really enjoying your blog thank you for sharing your talents with us. 🙂


  5. decorartuk
    Sep 18, 2016 @ 13:52:57

    Unexpected subject and… I love it!

    P.S. I had a book about polar bears when I was little. It was full of interesting facts about them, but the only one I remember is that they weigh about 600kg. Imagine a big white cuddly bear that weighs 6t. 🙂


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