Back to work in a slightly different direction

Acrylic base coat

Acrylic base coat

Well, after a nice holiday break, I’ve finally gotten back into the studio. I have been watching an interesting British show called “Portrait Artist of the Year” for the last few months (on the Ovation Channel if you get it.)  I really enjoyed seeing all of the different styles and techniques of dozens of artists and judging for myself which I like and which I didn’t.  I know from watching it that I am NOT a portrait painter, but it has inspired me to try my hand at acrylic painting again after about a 25 year layoff.  I had no supplies left of course after all of that time, so I used some of my Christmas commission income for a little bit of judicious buying with Michael’s coupons to help me get restarted.

One thing I have already discovered is that I need to have the right size brushes.  I have a few, but this little painting (8×10) will tell me what I really want to use.  I bought a package of 10 canvases to play with.  I’ll know after that if I want to keep it up or was just feeling inspired to try something new by the tv show.

This is just the base layer for the barn.  I wanted something fairly simple to experiment with and I do love my stone barns, don’t I.  LOL  I sure hope things improve as I add details today.  It’s kind of blah right now.


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