Last one for the holiday season.

Pencil (plus a little ink)

Pencil (plus a little ink)

Whew, I almost forgot to take the picture of the pencil up, but I remembered before I got too far along.  I’ve been working hard to get this one out in time for Christmas delivery and it almost slipped my mind to take a photo.

The initial sketch took some fiddling around.  I had to move the landscaping some to make the entryway more visible and cut the big tree on the right way back to show the house to its advantage.  I had to use some close up pictures almost taken from the side to make out what was initially hidden by the foliage, but fortunately, there was enough information to do it.

This one has an interesting pattern in its gray brick – some inserted soldier courses making rectangles in the mass of the wall.  I think they make a nice addition, but you’ll have to wait to see it.

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