An Extravagant German Doorway

An elaborate door

An elaborate door

I decided to go back to the regular pen and ink for this drawing.  The Elegant Writer Pen has been a fun experiment, but I wanted to do some more detailed work again.  This is a very elaborate, large oaken wooden door surrounded by dusty rose framing and trim. There is stucco above with some timber work and to the sides.  There is a lot of detail with this piece and the inking is going to take a while.  I hope the old eyeballs can keep it all straight.  I haven’t decided whether to use the pastels or the watercolors.  The richness of the door colors has me leaning towards the pastels, but I’ll decide when the inking is finished.

I got a few new pictures from Germany, Belgium, and Japan thanks to a trip by my son.  And almost as important, Belgian dark chocolate!!  I am trying to ration myself…………


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  1. StarS
    Oct 28, 2015 @ 18:26:34

    Nice. Thank you for sharing!


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