Dog-gone it

New dog?

New dog?

Guess what showed up on my deck again two days ago. You guessed it – another German shepherd.  Two years after our adventure with Alex, the long haired German shepherd puppy, another one showed up on the back deck.  She is very sweet and about a year old.  She has none of the dominance issues that Alex had and seems to have quite a nice, submissive temperament.  She seems quite intelligent and trainable at this point.  We are looking for her owners but maybe she will just be staying here.

I ended up taking off the last week or so.  After 3 home portraits in a row, on a quick schedule, I decided I needed a short break.  Back to work really soon.

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  1. Sand Salt Moon
    Oct 01, 2015 @ 17:45:33



  2. Cindy Dauer
    Oct 01, 2015 @ 18:46:33

    Beautiful dog! So funny with you and German Shepherds!


  3. DixSterling
    Oct 02, 2015 @ 17:54:57

    I think fate is trying to tell you that you need a dog!


  4. lesliepaints
    Oct 05, 2015 @ 14:51:54

    My goodness. This one looks as though she has not missed many meals. Wonder if she is just a wanderer and could not manage to find her way home. What a beautiful dog.


    • ruthsartwork
      Oct 05, 2015 @ 16:05:41

      Actually, that is just the camera angle. She was very thin and it seemed as though her stomach was touching her backbone. She was VERY hungry and is much happier now. She severely chases the wildlife here and I am wondering if that is how she got lost. It seems as though she was basically well cared for and behaves fairly well with adolescent exuberance.

      I think I’m the one who hasn’t missed many meals. LOL


  5. lynn midnightcoiler
    Oct 05, 2015 @ 17:49:04

    What a pretty dog, Ruth. I hope you get to keep her.


  6. Carol King
    Oct 05, 2015 @ 21:06:44

    She’s a beautiful dog. Both of my dogs were shepard mixes and they are the best dogs.


  7. decorartuk
    Dec 01, 2015 @ 11:56:32

    So what’s her name then? K.


    • ruthsartwork
      Dec 01, 2015 @ 14:36:39

      Well, miracle of miracles, we ended up finding her owners. We called her
      Sadie, but her real name was Shadow. Pretty close, don’t you think?


      • decorartuk
        Dec 02, 2015 @ 02:50:41

        I’m glad that this story has a good ending. I hope Sadie the Shadow is happy with her mummy and daddy. K.

        P.S. Maybe there’ll a third German Shepherd turning up to your doorstep soon?


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