Commission update

Work in Progress

Work in Progress

This is taking quite a while to ink in due to its large size. Instead of 2 maybe 3 days for the inking, this will take 5 to 6. The large size (20″x16″) alone dictates extensive work, but I have had to do a lot of pencil preliminary too.  I only do one this big every few years, but at least this is an interesting house for the work.

It is going to end up being a study of positive and negative space before I get to the pastels.  Something this large will need to have good balance. So far I am pleased, but it is taking a long time as I have to lay out much more in pencil before I ink it.  Once I get the brick in, the evergreens won’t look quite so dark.  The ink is not really quite as dense as it appears here for them.  It darkened up somewhat when I used the auto-correct in picture manager.  No big deal for here.

I really like what the window boxes have done for the presentation.  Along with the half rounds above the windows, they make a flat brick facade quite attractive. The little little gate off to the right is quite pretty too.  The left is just the driveway, but it should turn out okay as long as I keep the black/white balance good.

The rest should go more quickly as I have most of the pencil layout already in.  It’s probably 2 more days anyway.  The pastels should be much quicker.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. createarteveryday
    May 15, 2015 @ 09:04:13

    It’s lovely so far. I look forward to your progress. Enjoy the weekend!


  2. inari
    May 19, 2015 @ 12:24:45

    Great detail – I love the textures you are creating.


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