Georgia commission

Georgia commission

Georgia commission

While I was working on the Jasper streetscape, I received an inquiry for a home portrait. The children of parents celebrating their 50th anniversary in June wanted to know if I could create a portrait of the home that they all grew up in as a special gift and get it to them before the celebration.  I readily agreed. It’s not often that I get that much lead time and I should be able to get it to them in plenty of time to have it framed.

It is a lovely full brick house.  The brick is multicolor brown with undertones of peach.  The archways and doorway inset are a peach stucco with interesting block inserts of a sailing ship and oak trees.  The landscaping is quite lovely, too.  The evergreen shrubs are mature and nicely shaped.  Most impressive though are the window boxes filled with bright red impatiens flowers.  Red flowers also line the base of the shrubbery.  The door is a light teal.  Someone really loved color.

As a funny aside, the person I have been e-mailing with wanted to make sure that I included the offset brickwork on the corners.  He said that when they were younger, they used to climb the bricks like a ladder and it was a treasured memory. Easily done and I couldn’t imagine not putting it in anyway, as it is a feature of the house.  I think he just wanted to make sure.

It is a large portrait at 20″x16″ so it will take a while to finish.  Inking starts tomorrow, pastels by the end of the week.

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  1. lesliepaints
    May 11, 2015 @ 11:21:24

    How cool! Now we have two finished house portraits to look forward too! …what a wonderful gift this will be!


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