Boomer, almost done

Boomer, the cardigan corgi

Boomer, the cardigan corgi

While still haven’t finished his eyes, Boomer is otherwise pretty well done.  I added more shadowing and color since his last post appearance, but am still working on his eyes.

Normally, I like to keep the surprise factor in play for a client and don’t give them a preview.  I like them to open that box and got “wow” (or at least I hope they do).  But because I still have these questions about his eyes that are not resolved, I had to send her a photo.  There are still too may questions in my mind and I want to be correct.  I think the problem lay in the fact that her photos came straight off of her phone without a download and she thinks they show more than they do.  I hope the preview will do it for us and she still will be “wowed” when she opens the package.

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