St. Patrick’s Day cards

St' Patrick's Day cards

St’ Patrick’s Day cards

I have never really done any kind of themed art, but with the sale of a couple of ornaments and a Valentine’s Day card, I thought I’d make a few St. Patrick’s Day cards.  I had colored up one of the watercolor sheets last week in order to make a few more heart cards, so I made sure I had an area with some nice greens too.  I inked up a few of the littler sizes for the smaller cards, but wouldn’t you know it, I didn’t pay enough attention and attached TWO of them up side down.  Stems going up just didn’t look right.   Two cards down the drain.  I salvaged the drawings, but ruined the cards in the process.  The larger size will go onto larger watercolor note cards that I haven’t used in over three years, except for one linocut that I also managed to ruin.  I should just move some of them out.  I kind of like the way these turned out and it was fun to have a different theme to work with.  They will be in my shop tomorrow or the next day.

It’s been a warm couple of days now and the snow is melting.  I can actually get my car out now.  I need to get some enlargements made for two pet portraits that are up next and will also get another package of the blank cards to replace the ones I ruined.  Tomorrow is already planned.  More snow is predicted after the weekend and I want to keep ahead of the weather.


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