Vizslas …. inked

Inked up dogs

Inked up vizslas

So far, this has been fun. The three dogs have quite different faces and expressions and I want to make sure I keep that. The poor guy on the right has a slightly worried look, the middle one  seems merely interested in why they have to all lay in this row together and the left guy looks a little bored with the whole thing. These vizslas must be very well behaved to get them to line up and stay with such happy faces.

I have erased the grid lines and am currently working on the watercolor.  It will be a little bit slow with three to do at once but it is progressing well.  I decided to work on them as a whole to keep the colors consistent on each session’s work. This will be a multi-day project and I will use up different amounts of the prepared colors each time.  I’m not much good at trying to reproduce a give shade at a later date so this will minimize the problem.

The worried one is an older animal so he has lots of gray in his face.  The other two have much richer red coats (ah, youth).  It will be interesting to work with the colors to make the slight differences apparent.  I hope to have it finished over the weekend.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cindy D.
    Jan 08, 2014 @ 17:28:23

    They are looking terrific! You definitely captured three distinct personalities! Looking forward to the color. 🙂


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