Ooo whee, I’m busy

It’s been a heck of a week. Not only did we get Alex the dog, but I got commissions for a dog portrait and an architectural of an office building as well as selling 2 of my shore bird linocuts.  I can see myself coming and going lately.  I have the architectural mostly pencilled up but can’t really start the inking because some of the detail photos are too small and I can’t print them.  I’m waiting for  her to retake some of them.  I will start the pet portrait soon.  Those file are small too so I’m waiting to see if she has a larger version of one.

Three toys are better than one

Three toys are better than one

Alex is doing well.  He is almost housebroken, although I wouldn’t trust him quite yet.  He is sleeping mostly through the night in his crate and we are taking daily walks up and down the drive for exercise.  Two trips up and down are over a mile.  I do it twice daily, once for the paper and once for the mail. That, including some fetch with a ball and frisbee, seem to tire him out enough right now.  He is so funny at times.  He likes to carry his plush Winnie the Pooh and try to to pick up his ball at the same time.  Occasionally he can do it but usually he just ends up kicking the ball around and chasing it, still holding on to Winnie.

He and I had a day excursion today.  My friend and riding teacher invited Alex and me to go along for her lessons so he could get some socialization.  We live out in the country and don’t have the opportunity unless we make it.   I am happy to say he behaved quite well – far better than I had expected.  He played with a corgi who told him what for,  learned to behave a bit better with cats, and rode quietly in the vehicle.  All in all it’s been a good week.  I’ll post some of the commission work next time around.

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