OOOHHHHH Coyote pups !!!

I had planned to show what further work I had done on the primitive horse painting today, but circumstances dictate a different direction. I think you’ll agree.

4 coyote pups!

4 coyote pups!

Last Thursday as we were shutting the shades for the evening we saw 4 coyote pups playing and hunting in the backyard.  John had just cut the grass in the afternoon and often after that there are a lot of insects moving around, displaced by the mowing.  They had a grand time finding and eating all kinds of bugs.  They wandered back and forth for about 15 minutes stirring up the insects and then munching down what they found. Two eventually disappeared back into the woods on the left and two went over the dirt ledge at the lakeside.  We never saw mom and dad but I am sure they were not far away – probably just inside the woods where we could not see them.  I’ll be looking out there often now that we know that they are around. A little bit later, two returned.  I think it was probably the pair from the lake’s edge.  I noticed one of them had a very distinctive white tipped tail.  I should be able to identify him in the future.

A pup

A pup close-up

It wasn’t as intimate an encounter as when pups came up onto the porch, but I’ll take it any day.  Here is a link to a description of that encounter that I posted in March 2011.  I believe that these pups are about the same age.  If I recall correctly that happened in June 2009.  They seem to be about the same size and another month would make quite a difference in size.

Another pup

Another pup

And to top it off, Mr. Turtle showed up earlier the same day. I was glancing out the window to the lake and saw him walking through the cut grass.  I snapped a few new photos of him.  Who knows – he might make a nice small drawing with his brown shell and yellow markings.  I was sure glad to see him for myself.

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  1. Cindy D.
    Jun 16, 2013 @ 11:09:32

    Oh my goodness! Seems dangerous – like a really large bird of prey could have snatched one up, but I guess if they parents are close maybe not. So much wildlife news at your place, Ruth! We do have rabbits, and in fact one we see rather often so he might live in the yard. We have a small dog, but he is a bit older and just a very calm fellow so he doesn’t chase.

    But one morning last year, I saw a yellow dog with half a tail just trotting across the lawns of houses across the street. As I drove in to work, the more I thought it was probably a coyote. And in Evanston, a suburb not too far from the big city. So I looked it up and sure enough, lots of coyote sightings in Evanston (and with a faction on both sides: 1. leave them alone, 2. get rid of them before they eat our children!) As with most things, more of a middle-of-the-road answer is probably best.

    So glad you spotted your turtle! I know you were worried about him!


    • ruthsartwork
      Jun 16, 2013 @ 11:43:40

      Yes, I worried about them when I didn’t see the parents. They wandered about unconcerned in 2 and 2 sets. Yesterday I saw the one with the white tipped tail with his pal coming up from a drink at the lake.

      I don’t think people have to worry so much. I only know of one attack and that was in a well used park where I am sure they were habituated to people. And it was in fact only a very few animals out of the whole population. I think there is far more danger to small dogs and cats.

      I was raised in Chicago Heights, a south suburb close to Indiana. We had truck farms not that far from us that are now subdivisions. I’ll bet they have coyotes now on occasion there too.


  2. lynn
    Jun 16, 2013 @ 23:41:05

    Cute and fluffy. They look well fed.


  3. Des
    Mar 17, 2018 @ 01:33:18

    Wow, they’re adorable! That’s a great closeup. Wouldn’t you love to keep one? Probably not though, I read that they’re mischievous pets 🙂


    • ruthsartwork
      Mar 17, 2018 @ 09:49:15

      Yes, they are so cute! I worked with a hand-raised pack of wolves in graduate school (where I met my husband) 40 years ago, so no, I wouldn’t really want to keep one. Reality is not quite so cute. LOL

      We have seen them 3 years now out of 10 here. The first time they came right up on our front porch deck and into the flower beds. You should have the 3 of us all crowded at the master bath window trying to get a good look. I didn’t have time to get my camera and wanted to experience the moment, so there are no pictures of that one. The other two times they were in the back yard and stayed for quite a long time. They were pretty close to the house and we keep an eye out every June/July for them.


      • Des
        Mar 17, 2018 @ 17:21:36

        Sounds wonderful…I really appreciate you sharing this with me. Now I’m going to be on the lookout for coyote pups around here!


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