Say hello to my little friend

The dastardly Mr. Squirrel

The dastardly Mr. Squirrel

OR NOT! I was working on the dragon print from the last post and heard a scratching on my studio window. When I looked up, I saw this dastardly squirrel. He was actually stretching himself up, belly pressed against the glass peering in, but before I could get the camera to take a picture, he had settled down to rest on the sill.  He didn’t move as I neared to take the photo from inside, but allowed me to take two shots before he dropped back down to the patio.

One destroyed truck

One destroyed truck

This is pretty nervy of him, I think, given the species bad reputation around here.  It may be all out war again.  And lest you think I am exaggerating or over-reacting, just take a look at this.  I am not kidding.  This was John’s truck a couple of years ago after the attention of an overzealous red squirrel. Evidently the soy based insulation around the gas line tasted pretty good.  Need I say more on the situation?

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  1. Cindy D.
    Apr 24, 2013 @ 07:57:08

    Oh my goodness. But I have to ask, was the red squirrel caught in the act? Are you positive you aren’t placing blame on squirrel-kind just because you don’t like them? And you really don’t like them! Did the truck catch on fire? Yikes!


    • ruthsartwork
      Apr 24, 2013 @ 15:42:33

      Yes, I am positive it was the squirrels. We saw them under the truck (and my van) checking things out quite a few times. And this is only the worst of over $1000 of other damage on our vehicles. Both were late 90’s Chryslers, which used a soy based insulation in the undercarriage. After the mechanics stopped laughing, they said it was a common problem when the soy based products were used in vehicles. Our shop wanted a souvenir photo. The same thing could have happened to my van but I realized there was a problem when I moved it just across our parking area and smelled gas. John had driven down the driveway when the engine caught fire. We got rid of my van shortly after this happened, which I hadn’t wanted to do, but it was too expensive to keep fixing. A minor war ensued and no one else has had the problem. It was probably just one rogue rodent.

      And I really don’t hate squirrels. I loved watching them play in the yard. They all seem to have a joie d vivre running all around. It just got really, really expensive and I’d rather enjoy them at YOUR house.


  2. DixCutler
    Apr 24, 2013 @ 10:53:47

    Same happened to our neighbor’s car. The mechanic said it is pretty common. Sorry, Cindy, but the cute beasties are destructive.


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