Warm inside, frigid outside

Tudor color

Tudor color

Boy, it is cold outside.  The last few nights the lows have been in the single digits and the highs in the teens, so I am happy to be indoors in the studio.  I bought a little ceramic heater to warm my feet but otherwise I am comfortable.

I worked a few days on the pastel for this Tudor entryway. I was unable to totally spray the fixative on it because I am forced to do it indoors, in another room, due to the frigid temperatures.  It is VERY stinky and not good to inhale, but if I waited for warm enough weather, it would be a while.  So I just put a little on to start the color pop.

I am not quite satisfied with the tree in the upper left.  It has not imbued the drawing with the coziness that I wanted and I need to to rework it somewhat.  I also think I need to go back in and redefine some areas with the pen and perhaps deepen the contrasts.  I will let it sit for a day or two and add what is needed.  There is a warm up forecast, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed I can go outside.

I am continuing my research on making the tiles and I hope to be able to get to them within the month.  There are a lot of conflicting opinions on the net and I want to be able to make the right decision.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Linda Halcomb
    Jan 24, 2013 @ 07:39:19

    Very nicely done but I agree that the values need pushed a little. This is a really attractive piece. Like you I am freezing in Indiana. Had snow this morning. Brrrr….


    • ruthsartwork
      Jan 24, 2013 @ 09:18:13

      Thanks, Linda. Nice to hear another artist’s eyes agree with mine.

      The only redeeming value of this cold is that it may help kill the tree scale insect that has damaged or killed a lot of our poplar trees down here. As for the snow….. it looks better in someone else’s yard. LOL


  2. Cindy D.
    Jan 25, 2013 @ 14:44:08

    Ugh! We got snow this morning also. I refused to drive on the slushy, un-plowed roads in my teeny car so I played hookey (hooky?) from work. 😀

    Beautiful colors, detail and values. I really like those branches coming over on the left side. Of course, I still think you should do a purple house one day. ;D


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