All inked up

All inked up

I set out to ink the window scape the last two days and have pretty much finished it.  I decided to leave the hint of another gable in at the upper left to keep some visual interest there and unbalance the symmetry of the windows a bit.  Looking at it now, I may also put in some trees in the upper right instead of leaving it as sky.  The photo shows some spindly pines behind the house which are not unattractive, but is not a decision that I have to make just yet.  I might just have the pines AND the sky. I’ll probably decide after I have colored in the landscaping and see if I want to put some greens there too.  I don’t particularly like the way I did the crazy brick in this one, but it probably  will be a little bit less noticeable after the color is on.

We finally got some much needed rain over several hours Thursday evening.  The rain gauge said 2 3/4″ but it probably was more given that some of the rain was horizontal.  I think that single rainstorm gave us more than we have gotten since the beginning of April.  The plants and animals are loving it.  My vinca has greened back up and hopefully more will now make it through the fall and winter.  The crepe myrtle has bloomed profusely in the space of a few days, as has the butterfly bush and the bluebeard.  And the butterfly population seems to have risen.  Now when I look out of the window, I often see half a dozen of various types.  Not as much as I normally would, but a lot more than I have been seeing.

We still see the fawns and does drinking and eating down by the lake, but as of yet, no bucks.  I would think that their antlers fairly good size by now.  And the young red-tailed hawk is still out there making his presence known.  I swear every time I go outside, he is screeching his head off somewhere close – across the lake, next to the house, or soaring across the sky.  It’s a wonder he doesn’t have laryngitis by now.  I haven’t the faintest idea what he is calling for.  He left the nest some time ago so I don’t think he is calling for mom or dad at this point.

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