I woke last night to the sound of thunder….

How far off I sat and wondered…..  Bob Seger inspired no doubt, but I really did.  I lay awake hoping it would come closer and finally it did for a short five-minute shower.  Then the thunder moved off and I thought “Rain, come back Rain.”  And it did.  About fifteen minutes later the lightning and loud thunder returned along with the rain.  It showered hard and then gently, on and off for about twenty-five minutes.  I finally went back to sleep after it was over, hoping we had gotten some measurable amount.  When I went to look at the rain gauge this morning it said 3/4″ – more than we have had in the last month and a half total.  It was a good rain, not too much at one time so it had a chance to soak in.  There were no puddles left this morning which shows how dry it has been.

Blue abstract floral

I didn’t have time for an involved painting this week so I thought I’d take one of the small leftover pieces of board and play in blue on it.  I began by laying down some of the teal that I have used in the latest architecturals in a basic floral pattern.  Then I threw on the apple and the forest greens.  Not quite what I wanted.  I decided to delineate the floral patterns with a little bit of ink from the nib pen.  Still not quite what I wanted, so I went on to the purple.  Then I went back and layered more of each color.   Still not quite what I wanted.  That’s where it is right now.  Still not quite what I wanted.  I have let it sit for the last day and a half, hoping for some more inspiration.  It seems too unfocused at this point so I am thinking of adding more ink.  We’ll see if that helps.  Otherwise it may end up being a piece for the circular file.  If you don’t do one of those at least every once in a while, I think it is safe to say you are limiting the expansion of your artistic vision.

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