An abstract Tudor architectural watercolor

I have enjoyed doing the abstract streetscapes in the last few weeks, so I decided to do a small abstract Tudor entryway.  I did most of it yesterday and then made a few adjustments today.  This is on the small side at 4×6.

Abstract Tudor watercolor

I quickly penciled in the drawing and then inked it.  One aspect that I appreciate of this style is how quickly I can pencil out the architecture since I am not so concerned with portrait exactitude.  Sometimes, however, it goes too quickly because I failed this time to remember to take a picture of the black and white.  Oh well, without the detail, it is not quite as interesting to look at as some of the pastels and I tend to achieve balance in these pieces with the watercolor instead of the ink.  I have been into the reds lately and this is no exception.  Part of what I did today is add more reds and purples to add a definition that a night’s sleep made me see.  Overall, I am happy with it. 

I plan to do one more so there is a matched pair.  I have already pulled out one to do.  I will then be at 100 listings in my Etsy shop – a major goal.

Back in the studio at last

Palm tree

After a period of time away, I am back in the studio and onto my blog again. I did have a good reason for my absence though – my son got married to a wonderful woman last weekend at our home so I had a lot to do around here for the last several weeks.  The house is straightened and the laundry is finally done, so I wanted to do something quick and easy to get back into the swing of things.  I liked the reference photo of the little shore bird with his long beak and stilty legs. He is black and white, but I added a little brown in his shading and greenish reeds behind him to liven up the painting a little bit.   I’d like to know what he is but I can’t find him in my North American bird book.  Perhaps he is an exotic.  I’ll have to look around at my next zoo visit in Indianapolis which I hope is very soon and see if I can identify him.

The palm tree was totally for fun.  I have many photos from Florida with lots of palm trees in them so thought I might try to ink/watercolor one as a quick study.  There are also lots of pictures of exotic flowers which present some opportunities.

All in all I am happy with today’s effort and am ready to get back to serious work again.

Shore bird

Abstract 4 colored in


Colored in

I tried not to think too much on this one.  I just let my eye place the color after the first brushwork with yellow and red.  I used the more intense reds and yellows, like with the last one, but I tried to let it flow a little more.  I find that right now I like the effect.  The second two are rather different from the first two, even though the inking is basically the same.  I think they would make a nice paired set.  I haven’t decided where to go from here, but I certainly have enjoyed making these 4 paintings.  On the whole, I think I like Number 3 the best.  I have found that my computer moniter doesn’t give me the greatest color translations.  The mac does a better job so it is really hard to tell how the pictures are on other computers, but I hope you like them all.  They have kind of grown on me.

Abstract Architecture 4

Abstract 4 Pen and InkHere is the latest pen for the abstractly colored architecturals.  I like the way the tall building’s second story windows have the little balcony.  I bet it is only a couple of feet wide, but someone could probably climb out of those tall windows if they wanted to or at least set out a few plants.  What an idea.  I may have to go back and add a bit of greenery up there.  It will depend on whether I think I can add them and have it look natural.  Why didn’t I think of that before?  It would have been a lot easier to do it first off.

The building to its left has quite a complicated set of decorative cross pieces.  It is quite visually exciting and I haven’t decided how to feature it yet.  I don’t want it to get lost.

I think I will stay with the more vivid colors with this one.  I did like the reds after letting it set a while.

Stained Glass Beauty

Stained glass beauty

After a long, long effort by our two kids, the stained glass is finally installed above the doorway. In honor of the name of our property, Wild Crane Overlook, it has a great blue heron standing in the water. (I know, I know, there is a difference between cranes and herons but crane sounded better in the name and herons are on the lake, so we’ll just pretend.)  It was not easy to get a photo as the back light from the window wanted to darken out the walls, but I got up early, before the sun got over the trees and took a picture.  There was just enough dawn light to see the window and not black out the walls.  I tried for a close up about a 20 minutes later and it didn’t work.

We are so happy with how it turned out.  The colors are wonderful with the timber frame and the green walls.  When we bought the doors we were told (incorrectly) that we couldn’t get the beveled glass in the arch top and it always looked so plain.  The good thing is that it allowed us to have the window done and I think it looks so much better that the beveled glass ever could.

Abstract architecture 3

Well, how about this one. I wanted to make more of a statement with the colors so after I put on the yellow, I went with a bolder red.  No going back at this point.  The first two were much more muted in tone and I decided to be a little more aggressive here.  As I look at it over time, sometimes I like it and sometimes I don’t.  It is a very different effort for me.

Abstract building 3 - colored!I think I will do one more like this to make a pair and then move onto something else.  It has been fun experimenting this way as a change of pace, but stylistically I am not ready to move in this direction in a  major way.