Mr. Turtle has returned

I am still working on the streetscape commission. She decided, after testing my slightly askew digital image on her website, that perhaps a little color was needed. So I retrieved the board from the photographer, fortunately before he had taken the professional shot and am going to add some simple watercolors to the trees and the trunks. I think I will go ahead and color girl and her dog too. It is to be a dog walking business website so it would be nice to make them stand out.

Mr. TurtleIn the meantime, I was working in the yard last week and I came upon Mr. Turtle crossing the gravel part of the drive, heading towards the flower beds in the front of the house.  He was walking relatively quickly, pausing only briefly when I came up on him.  Perhaps he remembered me from last year because he stayed out of his shell, peering cautiously at me, then trundling away as I moved aside.  He had moved all of the way into the beds while I went and got my camera and hidden himself in the luxurious growth of the vinca.  I don’t know where he spent the winter, but I was glad to see him again, a little bit bigger and a little bit faster than before.  I look forward to seeing him soon.


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