Lions, and tigers, and…..I mean does, and ducks and….

This week has been lost as far as the studio is concerned. Unavoidable travel ruled the day and the studio came in a distant second.  Everything should be back to normal now.  I just have to decide what to do next.  I hear some bookmarks calling so that might be the next project.

Mallards on the pond

We have been seeing a lot of wildlife though as the weather has improved.  Off and on there have been two pairs of mallard ducks out on the pond as well as a loner.  As you can see, the drakes’ heads are a gorgeous shade of green, while the hens are a mousey brown.  Grebes have also put in appearances.  It is quite fun to see them totally disappear from the surface and reappear yards away.  We have had them both off and on for several years, but I have not seen babies.  We have a rather bad snapping turtle problem so I wonder if they depart after a few weeks with nibbled toes.  The birds seem to really want to stay but I bet when the weather warms the turtles rise and start causing trouble.  No sightings of the herons yet but soon the fish will be rising too and I know they will return.

A doe in the yard

The does have been traipsing across the yard lately an hour before dusk and fairly close to the house.  I managed to take some pictures that I though I could paint from because they were only about 20 feet from the window.  Here is one to enjoy.

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