Back to “regular” architecturals

I felt in the mood to go back to a “regular’ architectural, so Monday I started to line a new one out.  I know I said I was going to try the spritzed ink for the foliage but I really need to figure out how to control the bleed.

Entryway 7

When I am working on an animal in the middle of a sheet of watercolor paper it doesn’t matter how much the ink bleeds out, but in an architectural, I draw right to a lined edge and I don’t want to go beyond.  I like to leave a 1/4″ border around it for the mat if I can and when the ink moves out, I can’t do that.  I’m thinking of trying to use some frisket along the edge, but since that will take a bit of experimentation, I put it off for a bit.  Maybe over the weekend.

I went through my pictures and decided I liked this one.  It has a browner brick with limestone accents and slate roof.  I had to work a little on the crop because I really liked the entire house, but I didn’t want the entryway to get lost in the shuffle.  I completed the line-out yesterday and inked for a while today.  I have to do some other things tomorrow but I expect to finish the inking in one more sitting before I start to color with the pastels.

I managed to get some good photos yesterday of a couple of does right behind the house so perhaps I will use them in another watercolor.  And earlier, we saw a large coyote on the other side of the lake.  He was hunting something small over there, hopping up and down like they do, and then he lay down to gnaw briefly on whatever he had caught.  He hung around for close to half an hour checking the same spots over and over, but we only saw him eating once.  I’ll post a few pictures of them soon.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cindy D.
    Jan 25, 2012 @ 21:21:02

    Cute house! It seems my favorite parts are teeny, tiny window panes and front entry details like lanterns and things. Today, in looking closely at the windows, I thought I saw a figure pass briefly in front of the curtains. Perhaps it was just a cat?

    I recently got my first bottle of frisket and have been putting off trying it, but soon – perhaps this weekend I’ll give it a shot. 🙂


  2. ruthsartwork
    Jan 25, 2012 @ 21:28:46

    Thanks Cindy. I’m going to have to try the frisket on the edges. I just didn’t feel up to it today. I like teeny window panes too. I think I like the diamond ones n the older homes the best.


  3. Sonya Johnson
    Jan 26, 2012 @ 01:04:39

    It’s looking great so far, Ruth. I always love seeing the detail you put into your architectural pieces; I feel like a spectator in that regard since I don’t and probably couldn’t draw to that level of precision if I tried, but I definitely appreciate other artists that can!


  4. ruthsartwork
    Jan 26, 2012 @ 08:59:38

    Thanks Sonya. I certainly couldn’t do your wonderful southwestern landscapes. I am envious our your latest winter scenes. There are so wonderful.


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