Revisiting the watercolor house on an iced over day

The more I looked at the blue house over the last couple of days, the more the darkness of the lower front gable bothered me. While I was inking it, I had accidentally flicked a drop of ink from the nib pen there (yes, klutzy me – how did I do those animals?) and although I immediately spritzed the spot with water and it grayed out, I still felt that it remained too murky for the rest of the picture.  

Watercolor redone

I decided to fiddle with it a little more starting with some of the lighter pastels.  When that didn’t work out quite the way I wanted, I tried some colored pencil instead.  I brightened up the reds and added some yellows to the gable as well as more contrast in the shadows.  I relined a bit of the inking for more definition too.  Frankly, I’m still underwhelmed with the picture but I think it is acceptably improved.

Iced over holly

On another note , we are still housebound by Friday night’s freezing rain.  This one was not nearly as bad as last year’s storm and I do expect to be able to get out later today if I want, although I suspect we will stay here and watch the football playoffs.    The icicles are starting to drip now and the holes in the lake ice are getting bigger.  It is supposed to rain later today so that should take care of the rest of it.  It is still rather pretty on the trees and shrubbery – just inconvenient.

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