Let’s try the watercolor on the buildings

I managed to get my commission out in the mail yesterday, delayed somewhat by an enormous morning rain storm which caused the road in front of our house to temporarily flood.  The water goes down as quickly as it comes up, so we are rarely trapped for long, but I was not risking my little car getting stuck in the water.  I only had a little bit of time today in the studio after straightening up  and filing away the reference photos, so  I decided to try the bleeding pen/watercolor technique on a small building.

Architectural pen/watercolor

 A while ago someone suggested that I try a bit more outrageous, abstract colors for an architectural work.  It is not quite abstract, but this Park City  house was turquoise with a red door, so I think it may qualify.
It is only 8″x6″ and turned out a little darker than I wanted especially in the lower gable.  I decided not to use the frisket and perhaps that would have helped keep things a bit brighter.  I will work with the shadows a little bit tomorrow and maybe put in some highlights.  I’m also thinking that for an architectural work perhaps I should make it a larger piece and use the technical pen.  With so much linear ink work involved,  the washing effect would not gray out the drawing so much.  I do rather like the effect it has on the trees and maybe I could incorporate that with the pastels.  Another experiment.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lesliepaints
    Jan 19, 2012 @ 17:23:35

    Wow. A completely different look. This became totally textural and rustic with the spritzing of the ink. I like it and think of the log cabins and cottages you could do this way. I also like your idea about spritzing the foliage and rendering the house without the spritzing. I think it would provide for excellent contrast and may even make your architextural renderings stand out more. Very cool, Ruth.


    • ruthsartwork
      Jan 19, 2012 @ 19:39:59

      Thanks Leslie. This was a totally new experience. It seems a bit too dark in the gables to me. I had an “accident” and dropped some ink from the nib in the front gable. Klutzy me again. I spritzed it right away and it cleared somewhat, but I am fighting too much grey I think. I did work on it today using pastel and pencil overlay and I like it a little bit better. You have helped me decide that I should do an architectural next using the spritz in the foliage.


  2. Sarah
    Jan 19, 2012 @ 17:54:11

    What leslie said…wowzers!


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