Tudor style architectural art

I finished the entryway yesterday but had to wait until today to take the photos. Yesterday afternoon we finally got a long-awaited small shower. Everything was damp and I couldn’t take the photos outside or leave the drawing out to air dry the fixative.  This one has a little darker tone to it than the previous ones but I find it rather pleasing.  It actually has a little richer feeling to it because of the brown external timbers than the photo shows.  Most of the previous entryways have been more red due to the predominance of  the brick.   And I decided that I didn’t need to darken the right side too much to balance the windows on the left.  I love the round top door in this house.  Because the owners left it natural, it really stands out in a pleasing way.  The tones of the door blend well with the reddish brick and brown timberwork.

Tudor entryway with timberwork

I just looked back through my posts to see when the last time I had done an entryway and much to my surprise it was in June.  I hadn’t realized it had been so long.  I did have the commission house in July, but with all of the watercolor experiments, I hadn’t pulled out any new architectural photos. 

Now off to watch the television memorials on this day of significance.  It won’t be easy.

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  1. lindahalcombfineart
    Sep 12, 2011 @ 06:31:09

    Incredible detail and depth.


  2. ruthsartwork
    Sep 12, 2011 @ 11:40:10

    Thanks Linda. The actual artwork is richer in color and tone than the photo and I like it too. One of these days I will figure out how to run photoshop elements and get the trues representaions I can. But not today.


  3. Sonya Johnson
    Sep 12, 2011 @ 12:54:41

    This looks fantastic, Ruth. The shadows in particular give this painting amazing depth. I also really like the door for some reason :).


  4. ruthsartwork
    Sep 12, 2011 @ 13:42:26

    I loved the colors of the door as well as its shape. It is fun that all of these houses have such varied entries but are considered variations of the same style.


  5. Mary C. Nasser
    Sep 13, 2011 @ 21:02:45

    I love the details and layers in this! ♥

    Great finding your blog through the Etsy Finding Fine Arts team…
    I am your newest blog follower!
    Mary C. Nasser


  6. ruthsartwork
    Sep 13, 2011 @ 21:39:57

    Hi, Mary. I recognize you from etsy too. I think I have put a few of your things in FFA treasuries. If I’m not mistaken, you like to create artwork with maps. Very creative and neat looking. Thanks for subscribing


  7. lesliepaints
    Sep 14, 2011 @ 21:25:00

    I think this is my favorite, now, of your doorway series. They just get better and better. I like what you did with the colors in the roof, Ruth.


  8. ruthsartwork
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 17:06:56

    Thanks Leslie. I like this one too. In real life (not a photo) the colors are quite rich looking. I’m going to have to get into Photoshop elements for my pictures.


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