It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s the weather vane

It is always fun to give the place where you live a name.  When our property was bought everyone involved thought long and hard about an appropriate name and after some discussion, all decided that a good name would be Wild Crane Overlook.  We had seen several cranes and/or herons in the creek that runs through the property and since we planned to put in a lake, we were sure that they would eventually show up there.  Besides, it had a nice ring to it.

High flying weather vane

In the course of building our house we decided to put a weather vane on top of the gazebo.  John looked far and wide on the internet and finally found something we felt was very suitable.  Even though we realize this is probably a heron instead of a crane, we have often seen great blues in the shallow end of the lake, so it is still a good choice.   After the roofers finished shingling the gazebo, we had the vane installed on top.  I liked it there rather than on the house or garage because I can see it whirling around in the breeze from the decks and inside the house.  As many have experienced this spring, we have had some pretty hellacious winds this year.  Though the tornadoes have fortunately missed us, we have had some pretty strong straight line winds.  Even so, imagine our surprise when John found the crane lying out in the grass one morning, yards away from the gazebo.  As you can see, it was unharmed (except perhaps for its dignity).  It landed face first into the lawn and got a muddy beak and chest for its troubles.  I’m just glad it didn’t land on its feet for surely they would have been broken or bent.

What I wouldn’t have given to see that metal heron take flight on its own.

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