A visit from a speedy turtle

I have finished about half of the coloring of the latest picture.  It’s taking a little longer because of the holiday and various other things. Because of the sunshine I also spent part of yesterday taking photos of more aceos and mini tags.  I had to take almost a hundred photos when it was all said and done because I need several of each to choose from and various combinations of everything.  It sure can be time consuming so it seems better to run up a bunch at one time and process them all at once. 

Wandering turtle

Lately, when the weather dries out a bit, I have been trying to spend some time out in the yard with the plants. One day a couple of weeks ago, I came up the back stone stairway and saw a box turtle a little bit larger than the palm of my hand up next to the garage doors, headed towards the rear. I thought he would safely move himself along and just let him be.  We weren’t going anywhere for a while. Sure enough, when I came back out a little later he was gone – to I don’t know where.  I just hoped he hadn’t tried the steps. 

I was weeding out behind the house a few days later and guess who I saw again. My little turtle friend, on the opposite side of the house, out in the grass instead of on the concrete.  I went into the studio, grabbed the camera, and returned to take a few photos of him.  I did, as you can see, but it was hard to get something very photogenic.  I moved him a little to where  I thought I could get a better shot.  Of course, once I touched him, he tucked into his shell and wouldn’t come back out.  I went back to weeding for a little while, planning to go back in a few minutes when he had a chance to recover his courage and momentum.  Unfortunately, when I went back, he was gone.  He had only been about 15 feet from where I had been working and the woods were quite a bit farther away, but I couldn’t find him anywhere.  I guess when there is a purpose even a little turtle can really move along.

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