Another rainy Wednesday

It’s been another wet, misty day. Not much actual rain mind you, but just enough moisture in the air to get you cold and wet and uncomfortable. I think that this spring has been just a continuation of the very long winter we just had.  All I can say is that at least it is not snow.  I’ve had enough for quite a long time, thank you.  A good day to stay inside, so of course I didn’t. I went out to play with my horse for a little while (out of the wet though) and then a little birthday party preparation for my husband.

I have been working on the latest entryway and have finished the inking for now.  I think I managed to find the black and white balance that was missing before.  I have found that if I like the positive/negative space in a drawing, I have a much better chance of being pleased with it after coloration.  I then tend to just redarken some areas that didn’t pop through the pastels and pencils and then make minor adjustments until it looks good to my eyes.  After I finished yesterday afternoon there was plenty of studio time left, so I worked on more of the artist label tags.  I sold some to my weaving friend last weekend and was in the mood to replace the stock.  I cut some of the aceo sized watercolor blanks in half (her prefered size) and proceeded to spend a few hours making some more.  I quit when my eyes finally started to cross.


Since the inking hasn’t changed that much from the last time, here is a picture in honor of the weather – fit for ducks only.  I know you’ve seen them before, but I’ve seen this rain before too.  Not much else seems to be moving around lately.

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