First butterfly of the season

Guess what?  It is raining.  Again.  Thunderstorms overnight and now a misty haze.  Just enough to make outside unpleasantly damp.  We did get a few days of nice weather.  The trees are all coming out and the undergrowth is flourishing.  I was none the less surprised when I looked out of the kitchen window last week and saw a zebra swallowtail.  Then yesterday I saw another.  I have heard that the zebras are rarer than the tiger swallowtails.  I can say that I normally see a lot fewer of them.  Several times last summer I saw a dozen of the tigers at one time on my butterfly bush. Truth in advertising, I guess.  Unfortunately, the bush died because of the cold weather and I will have to replace it.  I really liked the iridescent quality of the one I had and I hope I can find one to match.

And with all of the rain, weeds that I pulled and threw aside have lived and tried to regrow. Darn dandelions are hard to get rid of. I had a pile and they all just continued to bloom and grow.  I now have mounds of growing weeds.  I picked most of them up and threw them farther into the woods.   It is supposed to dry out on Tuesday.  Perhaps then I can plant the flowers I succumbed to buying yesterday when the sun was out.

Mallard pair

The wildlife is flourishing, too.  The lushness of the spring growth is matched by the numbers of animals we have seen.  There have been mallards on the pond in addition to a few species that I can’t identify.  Last year we had a pair 0f grebes (I think).  Unfortunately the babies were eaten by the snapping turtles.  We hope for better this year.  And you won’t believe it but early one morning last week, I saw a coyote walking next to the lake.  I went to get my camera, and in that time a doe walked into the picture.  She trailed the coyote for a while and then eventually caught up with him.  Each knew that the other was there, but no difficulty ensued while I watched.  I actually got the two into one picture frame, but the shutter speed was so low due to the light that they were both blurry.  I am trying to get the photo cleaned up, just like in the crime shows, but don’t know if it is possible.  If it can, I will post it.  I never knows what will be out there when I look.  I am still waiting to catch the tom turkeys displaying.  The spring fawns should be out soon too.

I have almost finished the inking on my latest drawing.  It is a little smaller entryway from house in an historic Indiana town.  Much less imposing but inviting none the less.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lindahalcombfineart
    May 01, 2011 @ 18:45:39

    Thank yu for this post. It has been raining so much I have not been outdoors much. I am itching to go.


  2. ruthsartwork
    May 01, 2011 @ 19:11:26

    Glad to oblige. I actually did a little more mini tag work today after I finished the picture inking because I can’t get out and plant what I bought. Maybe tomorrow. Sigh.


  3. Aaron Fungq
    May 02, 2011 @ 03:37:48

    You have a lot of wildlife in your neck of the woods…

    Do you live in the woods?

    I like your photograph of the ducks, very cute.

    Around my place, the Caspian Terns have returned. They circle around the lake and suddenly, without warning, dive at full speed into the water.

    Very exciting.

    I’m glad you are working on your art; there are less productive things to do, such as vegetating in front of the television watching American Idol.

    Aaron Fung


  4. ruthsartwork
    May 02, 2011 @ 10:38:50

    We live in a rural wooded and farm area on a hundred acres we share with a relative. We put in a pond a few years ago and it does attract a lot of wildlife. Don’t tell anyone but we have also seen bald eagles pass through a few times too. That was pretty wonderful. Mostly though there are the common waterbirds including herons, ducks, geese, and grebes. And then there is plenty of mammalian wildlife too. I must say that the coyote puppy episode was the most exciting for me.
    And , yes, while I do probably watch some inane tv, I am proud to say I have never seen American Idol (although I do admit that Deadliest Catch has some allure). Reality tv is not for me and it seems to have captured the airwaves. Some of those people need to get a life already.


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