Bookmarks revisited – and happier the second time around

Well, after all the positive interest in the bookmarks the last time around, I got the courage to try again.  I have spent the last week working with all of the suggestions that came in. And it has been great. I put away the angst from the “ugly” bookmarks episode (thanks Valerie), made a whole slew more, cut up some unsatisfactory paintings that hadn’t made it to the circular file yet, and made it to the big box store to explore lamination. And you know what? It was all good. We long for those days when work seems to be on the right track and it all comes out easily – and more than satisfactory!  I used the watercolors, the pen and ink and the pastels so it runs the gamut of my studio materials.  I am thinking of marketing them in groups of three so that is why the pictures are arranged so.

Watercolor bookmarks 1


Watercolor bookmarks 2


Watercolor bookmarks 3


Mixed media bookmark

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