No end of winter blues here – 40 degrees seems like heaven

And the good news is that it  got up in the forties yesterday for a change.  I am so ready for spring this year. I saw today that the offical snowfall was about 34″ – 16 inches above normal.  No wonder that it has seemed to be such a long, hard winter.  It has been!  Anyway 1 day and counting down for my appointment.  It looks decent weather for tomorrow so I should be able to get there this time.  The extra week delay has been a killer for me and I really would like for it all to be over.  I wasn’t up for much studio time so the picture has set idle for a week.  I guess my “day later perspective” will be pretty good this time on it.  I do like the color so far and am almost ready for the final touches.

Since I still am a little on the out of commission side, here are a few pictures of the kids’ previous stained glass efforts.  They are scattered around the house where we can often see them. The photos don’t do justice to the colors. 

Justin's glass box

Justin's dragon triptic

Jessica's first lamp

Jessica's second lamp

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