Pygmy Goat Portraits with the Nib Pen

I’m a day late on posting, but I have a good reason. The whole weekend was taken up with the football playoffs, and unlike last week when we went 0/4 on our favorites, this week we were 3/4. And our team won for a change. Hooray!

I had a productive time in the studio last week. As I said, I was going back to the nib pen for a change and I finished four small animal portraits. I like the feel the pen and ink gives to the animals and only one didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped and is destined for the circular file. I remember at a watercolor class I took a few years ago, I made a comment that a few of my paintings were destined for the circular file and the teacher was horrified. After all these years I certainly have a good idea of what I like and seems successful to me and what is hopeless. I was particularly uninspired by this teacher and her subject matter and it showed. She just couldn’t believe that I said out loud that I didn’t like several of my paintings. I am not such an egotist that I think everything that I do is great or even just good.  Sometimes, in the art world, I think that more could be culled from the beginning and placed in the circular file.  I don’t believe that something is art just because someone says it is.  Or maybe it is art, just BAD art.

Anyway, back to the animal portraits I did last week.  I really enjoyed working with the nib pen again.  It has probably been close to 25 years since I used them.  Once I got heavily into architectural art in the early 80’s the animal art kind of fell to the side.  I became somewhat enamored with my Rapidograph pens.  They were easy to work with and seemed well suited to use on the buildings.  Since I have been spending more time in the studio, I think the animal art is refreshing for me.  They are the opposite of the linearity of architecture.

Here are two of the three portarits that I did  (the fourth really is destined for the circular file).

Resting pygmy goat

Pygmy goat kid

I have listed them in my etsy store.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amy Inman
    Jan 29, 2011 @ 23:44:14

    Hi Ruth! Love your work! It was so great to see you and Patty over Christmas! I hope Lady is doing well…Ebony sends his love to her! As always, Amy


    • ruthsartwork
      Jan 30, 2011 @ 13:18:03

      Thanks, Amy. It was good to see you too. Your new home is very nice. That infection I was fighting over the holidays turned out to be a kidnay stone that I had to have removed. I am on the mend now and should be fine by the end of the week. Lady says hi to Ebony too. she is doing really well now that we removed her mask and she can see better. I never realized how it had affected her sight.


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